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Opportunity To Partnership With NSDM

As we all suffering from Covid-19, Now its time to recover to this crisis.

-As we know all business going down due to covid-19, still we are not safe and everyone trying to ignore these types of places where chances to get together.

-Now all businesses need a safe solution so, the solution is only one “Come online”

-Every teacher, Institute, and trainer wants a solution to teach online but in India, there has no perfect solution for Online teaching.

-NSDM has a solution for them to everyone who wants to teach online

NSDM  provide LMS (Learning Management System) 

Benefits Of NSDM LMS.

  • Teacher can uploads their video lectures,Quizzes and Question Bank in this LMS.
  • A teacher can sell their Course.
  • Students can enroll and learn with your Content, give Test and exam.
  • Teacher can manage all students data.
  • Teacher can Teach with live classes and online content.
  • Institute Can post job in NSDM.
  • Event announcement options. 

NSDM Support to Teachers :

  • NSDM Provide training to teachers on how to manage LMS.
  • How to create video lectures.
  • How to do video editing.
  • How to post video ads.
  • Facebook Marketing Training.
  • Instagram Marketing Training.
  • Youtube Marketing.

NSMD give you the opportunity to become a partner.


You have to sell 3 Packages to the Institute,teacher and Trainer.

1 Packages – Rs.1999

2 Packages – Rs.4999

3 Packages – Rs.9999


Focus Clients Category :

Skills Courses .

  • Zym Trainer.
  • Music Teacher.
  • Dancing Teacher.
  • Beauty Parlor.
  • Yoga Teacher.
  • Singing Teacher.
  • Cooking Classes.
  • Guitar Classes.
  • Acting Classes.
  • Language Classes.
  • Cricket Academy.
  • Personalities Development Trainer  ETC

Professional Course.

  • Tuition Classes for all subjects.
  • Kids Academy .
  • All School.
  • Academic Teacher.
  • All Engineering Subject teachers.
  • All Graduation Subjects teachers.
  • All Post Graduation Subjects Teachers.
  • All Institute and Colleges.

Profit sharing will be 50:50

Franchisee Fee.

Rs.20,000 One time Cost.

Partner Other Expanses.

  • Office Setup
  • One Employee Cost ( Marketing & Sales)
  • Pamphlets or other Offline Promotion Materials.


NSDM Support to Partner:

1.Promotion and Marketing in Partner Location.

2.Soft Calling in Client Data.

3. SMS & Email Promotion to Client data.

4.24*7 Support to the their Clients.

5.If any inquiry or sales comes directly to the company in partner location then share will be given to the partner. 

6.No other Partner will appoint in existing partner location.

To Start Partnership With NSDM Submit your details.