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Best Birth Certificate Agency In India

Galaxy NRI is one of the best birth certificate agency in India. We are a customer-centric organization that strives to make the citizen services process as easy as possible. Birth certificate services are one of the flagships of Galaxy NRI.

The team at our company will provide a service of Birth certificates online in India from the first step of the documentation to the final step of getting the birth certificate.

Galaxy NRI provides consultancy for :

  • New Birth certificate
  • Birth certificates without a name
  • Birth certificate with the name
  • Birth certificates are lost
  • Duplicate birth certificate


A birth certificate is the first right of the child and it is one of the first self-identity of any child.
There are many uses for birth certificates. Some of them are:

– For school admissions
– As proof of age for employment
– For proof of age at marriage
– To establish parentage

The Following Documents Are Required To Issue the Birth Certificate:

  1. Passport copy (Applicant and/or parents).
  2. Parent’s Address proof of where the applicant was born.
  3. Birth Place Address (Hospital /Home).
  4. And Your Aadhaar Cards (Applicant and/or parents).
  5. Voter Id Card (Applicant or parents).
  6. 10th Class Passing Certificate (Applicant) and last.
  7. Driving license (Applicant also).
  8. Affidavit (Necessary but not an exclusive document for the issue of Birth Certificate).

Methodology For Birth Certificate:-

• Apply the needed documents to the concerned state office municipal corporation
• Deposit requisite Govt. fees
• Gather birth certificate without name from the office of state municipal corporation after 21 days
• Apply for a birth certificate with your name along with sustaining documents
• Deposit requisite Govt. fees
• Collect the certificate with the name from the office of your state municipal corporation

Birth Certificate Agents In Kolkata

Want to apply for a Birth certificate in Kolkata and looking for a birth certificate agent in Kolkata? Get a Birth certificate online in Kolkata with Galaxy NRI. It has a team of experienced birth certificate consultants in Kolkata.

Galaxy NRI helps people register for birth certificates online in Kolkata. All birth certificate-related services, such as date of birth certificate, birth certificate correction, and duplicate birth certificate, are available online in Kolkata.

A Birth Certificate is the identity of a person It is so important to have a Birth Certificate. It is another phase to prove your citizenship. Initially, a temporary certificate will be allocated by the hospital where the baby is born.

Birth Certificate Agents In Lucknow

Looking for a birth certificate agent in Lucknow? Online Birth certificate in Lucknow is one of the specialized services of Galaxy NRI. Galaxy NRI can get birth certificates online in Lucknow for you. It has an experienced team to help you apply for a birth certificate in Lucknow.

Galaxy NRI provides services to all Lucknow birth certificate offices. Galaxy NRI is a one-stop solution for all types of requirements such as new birth certificates, duplicate birth certificates, and birth certificate correction online.

A Birth Certificate is the identity of a person It is so important to have a Birth Certificate. It is another step to verify your citizenship. A Birth Certificate is issued by the Municipal corporation of Lucknow.

Initially, an interim certificate will be issued by the hospital where the baby is born. The hospital will collect the whereabouts and the name of the baby has to be in the format “baby of the mother” in case the name is not chosen yet.

In a couple of weeks, one has to fill out a form with the required documents along with the temporary Birth Certificate and has to submit it to the Municipal corporation of Lucknow office. A minimal fee will be charged. It usually takes seven working days to issue a Birth Certificate. The form will be reviewed and you will be issued a Birth Certificate from the same office.

Birth Certificate Agents In Dehradun

Galaxy Nri Services, Provides consultancy services for Birth Certificate consultants and Agents In Dehradun, Who offer Birth Certificate Online, Name Add Birth certificates, Correction In Birth Certificates, Duplicate Birth certificates, Name Changes in Birth Certificates, and Add Name Birth Certificates.

In India, The certificate is given by State Government if the place of birth of the child is within the jurisdiction of India. Now the process for it has become online so it’s possible to get a birth certificate online in India.

If the birth record of the child is not online, Galaxy Nri Services may assist you and provide you with online service in Dehradun while you are sitting at your home.

According to the Registration of Births & Deaths Certificate Act, of 1969. In our country, it is compulsory. That we require to register every birth with the concerned Government within 21 days of the birth date. Birth certificate in our country is issued by the municipality or state government, or it differs from state to state in India.

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