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A birth certificate is one of the most important documents nowadays that everyone should have. The birth certificate is issued by the Municipal Corporation of the city where the person has been born.

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In India, The certificate is given by State Government if the place of birth of the child is within the jurisdiction of India. Now the process for it has become online so it’s possible to get a birth certificate online in India.

If the birth record of the child is not online, Galaxy Nri Services may assist you and provide you online service in Dehradun while you are sitting at your home.

According to the Registration of Births & Deaths Certificate Act, 1969. In our country, it is compulsory. That we require to register every birth with the concerned Government within 21 days of the birth date. Birth certificate in our country is issued by the municipality or state government, or it differs from state to state in India.

Advantages and Benefits of Birth Certificate

  • Help people taking Medical facilities from Government
  • It helps in education for a kid and play an important role in admission to the school.
  • Claiming the right to marry after attaining marriageable age.
  • It creates a permanent record of existence.
  • It provides right to vote.
  • It is important for job, for obtaining visa to foreign countries.
  • It is required for obtaining other important governmental benefits.

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