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Manual Testing Course With Ankpro

Manual testing introduction. What is Manual Testing? Testing software again and again manually to find the defects in the software according to customer requirements. Manual testing is the only option during the initial stage of the application. Manual testing is preferable for products with engineered user experience and GUIs with constant updates. Any bugs that


Full Java Course With Ankpro

What is Java ? Small history of Java. Different versions of Java. Types of Java Applications. What is Java? Java is a programming language and also a platform. What is a platform ? An environment (software or hardware) in which program runs is called a platform. Java has its own runtime environment(JRE) so it is


C Language Full Course with Ankpro

Manual Testing Tutorials: Test Planning, Test Case Documentation, Test Data Collection, Test Execution and Test Closure. Selenium Tutorials: Test Automation Fundamentals, Selenium Basics, Java Programming for Selenium, Selenium WebDriver Test Cases, and TestNG Testing Framework. C# Programming for Selenium, Java Programming: Java Data Types, Variables, Operators, Conditional Statements, Loop statements, Methods, String handling, File Handling,