Methodology For Birth Certificate Agents In Dehradun

• Apply with the needed documents to the concerned state office municipal corporation
• Deposit requisite Govt. fees
• Gather birth certificate without name from the office of state municipal corporation after 21 days
• Apply for a birth certificate with your name along with sustaining documents
• Deposit requisite Govt. fees
• Collect the certificate with the name from the office of your state municipal corporation

Birth Certificate Agents In Dehradun

Why Galaxy NRI for Dehradun Birth Certificate

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  • Document Confidentiality
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The Following Documents Are Required To Issue the Birth Certificate Agents In Dehradun:

  1. Passport copy (Applicant and/or parents).
  2. Parent’s Address proof where the applicant born.
  3. Birth Place Address (Hospital /Home).
  4. And Your Aadhaar Cards (Applicant and/or parents).
  5. Voter Id Card (Applicant or parents).
  6. 10th Class Passing Certificate (Applicant) and last.
  7. Driving license (Applicant also).
  8. Affidavit (Necessary but not an exclusive document for the issue of Birth Certificate).

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