Best Massage Parlours in Jaipur

Massage and spa, which combines the goodness of touch therapy and natural wellness, is a term that means sure-fire solution to stress, exhaustion and depression. Here the list of Best Massage Parlours in Jaipur that can help you to choose right.


The spa features gorgeous rooms, and their skilled massage therapists are committed to providing soothing and revitalizing massage therapies and treatments. The spa offers a variety of services including full body massages, salt scrubs, seaweed body wraps, mud or herbal body masks and foot massages. With an emphasis on professionalism, White Orchid Spa ensures that their clients receive expert body massage services.


The well-trained and motivated team at Ganga Spa comprises of expert therapists, spiritual gurus, yoga instructors from Kerala and dedicated spa professionals from across the country. The spa is an ISO-certified company committed to helping clients achieve “Purna Saukhyam” (complete well-being) through a carefully planned Sattvic diet diet, a combination of yoga, meditation and Indian and Thai massage treatments.


The spa is characterized by its harmonious integration of cleanliness and beauty, comfort, expertise and personal attention, creating a memorable and rejuvenating experience. The spa’s commitment is to ensure complete wellness by providing top notch services and using quality products to help clients achieve their desired results.

4. Paradise Spa

Paradise Spa is one of the best female to male body massage parlor in Vaishali Nagar Jaipur. They offer medicine in a luxurious setting, giving you the opportunity to nourish your mind, body and spirit.

5. Dhurava Spa

Are you looking for back massage or full body massage in Mansarovar, welcome to Dhurva Spa & Massage Jaipur. Dhurva Spa offers Back Rub administrations like Couples Massage, Full Body Massage, Thai Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Oil Massage, Sandwich Massage etc.

6. Lavana Spa

At Lavna Spa & Massage Jaipur, they offer a blend of traditional frameworks of therapy from different stages of recovery to give you a completely rejuvenating experience. Lavana Spa and Massage Jaipur adopts a customized strategy, tailoring experiences to one’s individual needs. A visit to Lavana Spa & Massage Jaipur is an individual venture customized to achieve extreme results.

7. Delight Spa

Delight Spa & Massage is an excellent massage parlor in Malviya Nagar Jaipur. It helps people to remove worries and concerns from their mind. Many people in Jaipur do not get proper relaxation to their body, so Delight Spa helps those people to get relaxation through female to male body massage in Jaipur.

8. Dimple Massage & Spa

Dimple Spa located on Tonk Road, Jaipur is a quality spa to suit all your health needs. They are known for their back rub administrations along with various health administrations. The air is warm and welcoming and the staff are thoughtful. They have an assortment of back massagers to suit your needs.

9. Thathapi Spa and Wellness

Thathapi Spa and Wellness offers professional spa services, run by the friendly team there. They are committed to providing comfort and satisfaction to our customers while keeping their physical and mental health in mind. Its main objective is to create healthy and friendly relations with the customers.

10. Omsara Wellness Center

Omsara Wellness Center offers peace, inspiration and deep relaxation. It is a perfect combination of exotic treatments, professional care services, high quality products that provides an exceptional spa and wellness center experience. In a city like Jaipur everyone thinks of getting a body massage, unlike other spas in Jaipur, Omsara Wellness Center & Spa provides the service with international standards at the most affordable price.

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