Best Shopping Places In Jaipur

Jaipur, the ‘Pink City of India’ is better known for its royalty and amazing monuments. But, very few people know about the list of countless things that make it a must-see shopping destination. Undoubtedly there are some Best Shopping Places In Jaipur that can enhance your total shopping experience tenfold.

1. Jaipur Pink – A Designer Souvenir Store

Jaipur Pink features a wide range of exclusive handicrafts, fashion and homewares created by Sunita Burad. They have a unique collection mixed with a little modernity. Hand embroidered cushions, shoes, traditional jewellery, printed cushions, hand block quilts are some of the amazing products available here. This is one of the best shopping places in Jaipur.

2. Teatro Dhora – A Stylish Multi-Brand Store

A multi-brand store, Teatro Dhora is one of the best shopping places in Jaipur. The store Label Dohra showcases beautiful paintings, furniture, photographs, shoes, clothes, leather goods and antique jewellery, making it a must-visit place for shopaholics. It also provides a platform to artists/performers/musicians. If you visit the store in the evening, you may even get a chance to participate in a jam session.

3. Purohit Ji Ka Katla – For Wedding Items

This is the place in Jaipur where one can shop for all wedding related items. Weddings can be really stressful, especially shopping for various items and this market is a great place where one can find all the essentials at one place. Jaipur is also famous for its lehengas, so if you are visiting Jaipur for shopping, stop by this market and check out the great variety of lehengas which are one of the famous things in Jaipur to buy.

4. Aravali Bazaar – For Home Decor Items

If you want to shop for home decor products, consider Aravali Bazaar. This market is an all-inclusive place, known for selling high-quality quilts, bedsheets, stationery and even clothes. The price of every item sold here is not high. This place can be a paradise for people looking for home related solutions.

5. Kripal Kumbh – For Blue Pottery

This place dates back to the 60s and has been selling beautiful blue pottery since then. Made with quality and precision, pottery wins the heart of every tourist. If you are looking for shopping places in Jaipur city that sell quality designed pottery, then this place is for you. There are various items made with similar motifs and suitable for gifting as souvenirs.

6. The Gem Palace – For Antique Charms

If you have a passion for ancient charm and jewellery, The Gem Palace is ideal for you. Known for their traditional and intricate designs, their jewelery symbolizes a vast cultural heritage. Every item they sell speaks for itself. The family-run business has a great legacy that continues to grow today.

7. Gaurav Tower – For Local Products

At Gaurav Tower Mall, expect a great ambience and variety. This is considered to be the oldest mall in Jaipur and provides a great parking space, making the shopping experience hassle-free for you. You’ll get a wide range of clothes and other local products at inexpensive prices at GT Bazar which has been established here in the basement. This is one of the finest shopping places in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

8. Anokhi – For Colorful Garments

If you are a fan of beautiful bright prints and handmade clothes, Anokhi will not disappoint you. Housing a diverse range of shops, this place has created an identity with its distinctive designs, range of prints and colors making it one of the best places for shopping in Jaipur. So how can you forget this heavenly shop while roaming in the city of arts and crafts?

9. bbati Market – For Local Souvenirs

For budget shoppers, the Tibetan market is one of the good places for shopping in Jaipur, where they can see handicrafts, fashion and other local souvenirs crafted by the Tibetan people. This market takes place at the beginning of winter, around November and continues till the end of January. Travelers who are planning to visit Jaipur during this period can enjoy this seasonal market and invest in some Tibetan crafts.

10. Mirza Ismail Road (MI Road) – For Pottery

Pottery is taken very seriously in Jaipur – and as soon as you set eyes on them you are sure to fall in love with them! Visit MI – the most vibrant shopping destination in Jaipur – the street to shop for pottery work that dates back to the days of Rajput kings who used pottery extensively to beautify their palaces in India. So head over there to add some beautiful collection to your home. Also, check out the brass sculptures and wooden objects.

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