Best Shopping Places In Pune

Pune is a paradise for shopaholics. From Paithani sarees, Maharashtrian nose rings, Kolhapuri slippers, silver and brass utensils to affordable apparel and accessories, shopping in Pune is worth it. For food lovers, Bhakarwadi, Mango Barfi, Puran Poli, different types of Chivda and other spices are available here. Here are the Best Shopping Places In Pune.

1. Hong Kong Lane

This super-popular street on Deccan Road is the perfect place for shopping in Pune. This lane is dominated by goods like bags, books and mobile stores. Shops here are filled with mobile phone cases and adorned with sunglasses, hats and wallets. You’ll find an abundance of bags for men, women and children as well as hats of every shape, size and design.

2. Mahatma Phule Mandai

Mahatma Phule Mandi on Fridays is an excellent place to shop for fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices. It is a place filled with street hawkers and vendors selling goods on bikes and cars and has 530 stalls. Also, if you are an animal lover and looking for a pet, then this market in Pune is just for you.

3. Fashion Street

One of the most popular places for shopping in Pune, Fashion Street will give you wardrobe refresh at a budget price. Clothes are very cheap here! Just like Mumbai, these crowded narrow streets offer anything and everything under the umbrella of fashion. Here sellers offer fair prices even before you start bargaining and you may get the same product at different sellers and prices.

4. Tulsi Baug

Tulsi Bagh is in the heart of Pune and is a paradise for street shopping. Very famous for readymade clothes, here you will find rows of shops available for your custom fitting. It is one of the oldest markets for shopping in Pune, at par with Chandni Chowk in Delhi.

5. Bajirao Road

This area caters to all your home and furniture needs. Bajirao Road is suitable for all home decor enthusiasts or if you want to do home renovation on a low budget. This space competes strongly with high-end furniture brands. It is the perfect place for customized and self-designed furniture where commercial furniture is sold at attractive prices.

6. Juna Bazar

If you are fond of collecting ancient, unique antiques then this is the place for you. Also called Purana Bazaar and Chor Bazaar, it is a flea market and a popular shopping destination in Pune. You’ll find hardware tools, delicate jewelry, clothing and cosmetics, and junk items sold at incredible prices in tents lined up on both sides.

7. Fergusson College Road

F.C. This road is a college crowd hotspot and probably one of the liveliest areas for shopping in Pune. The clothing prices here are too good to be true. The earrings and bag here are so cute! Moreover, you can match your dress with the innumerable phone cases available here. Located in the heart of the city, this market has everything from trendy footwear to attractive dresses that will definitely leave you spellbound.

8. Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar

Popularly known as Deccan Gymkhana, it is a small scale market known for its fruits and food. A lot of its shops are predominantly selling leather products. This one’s a one-stop destination for shopping at Pune and is particularly famous for traditional sweets, flowers and gift items.

9. Clover Centre

This location on MG Road offers an exceptionally affordable shopping experience in Pune. The variety of jewelery and accessories available will leave you spoiled for choice. From embroidered shoes to denim backpacks, tailors, customized fittings, you have it all here. Clove Center is a hub of several shops in one complex.

10. M.G. Road

Mahatma Gandhi Road or M.G. Road, as it is better known locally, is one of the major shopping destinations in Pune. It really is a diverse and vibrant market with some great malls on one side and hip, smart street fashion on the other. Chances are you’ll make a favorite purchase here! Don’t forget to pick up some beautiful earrings, unique shoes or a great scarf while you’re here.

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