Top 10 Schools in Meerut
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Meerut is also known as the “Sports City of India” and is an academic powerhouse in western Uttar Pradesh. If you are looking for schools that provide quality education, here are the top 10 schools in Meerut.

1. Dewan Public School

Dewan Public School is a CBSE-affiliated, coeducational institution established in 1992 to provide quality education to students of both genders. For the past quarter century, the school has been dedicated to making a small but beneficial difference in the world through education, and its sprawling 5-acre campus is home to approximately 5,000 children who receive a quality education in a supportive setting.

2. Sophia Girls School

Sophia School was established in 1950 as part of the pioneering initiative of the Mission Sisters of Ajmer to improve and empower women through universal access to education. The primary school, which is overseen by the Bishop of Meerut and the Roman Catholic Diocese, was opened in a temporary facility on the church grounds before being shifted to its permanent location. The Catholic population is given preference for admission.

3. St Mary’s Academy

St. Mary’s Academy is currently ranked among the top 10 schools in Meerut. The sprawling coeducational college offers a grand campus and a visionary, rigorous curriculum that has served students well since its inception in 1952. The St Mary’s Academy curriculum is built around students’ competencies, which describe the skills they will need. Positive change in the world.

4. Meerut Public School

The objective of Meerut City Public is achieved by recognizing the unique potential of each student and helping them develop physically, mentally and spiritually. The management of MCPS is committed to meeting the school’s objective of providing a high-quality education to all children, and they have established a team of teachers who are both committed and qualified to do so.

5. Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth

When it comes to educational excellence, Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth is one of the top ranked schools in Meerut. In 2005, Nagin Charitable Trust established Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth (SNVP) on Mawana Road in Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) (NCT). Located at a distance of 6 km on the Meerut-Bijnor highway, away from the urban smog and traffic, the school is a great place to learn. The huge campus of the school is spread over an area of ​​15 acres.

6. KL International School

KL International School Meerut is a co-educational school. It is one of the top 10 schools in Meerut. The school is also known as KLI School Meerut. The school came into existence in 2003 to provide opportunities through quality education. KLI School Meerut is affiliated to CBSE. Students appear for AISSE (Class X) and AISSCE (Class XII) examinations every year in March.

7. Dayawati Modi Academy

Dayawati Modi Academy is a senior secondary school in Modipuram, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, which admits students of both genders and uses English as the language of instruction. The academy is accredited by the Council for the Better Schools of England (CBSE). Since its inception in 1981, Dayawati Modi Academy has grown from a simple two-storey building to a sprawling seven-acre campus and has over 3,600 students and over 180 faculty members.

8. St Patrick’s Academy

St. Patrick’s Academy, Meerut Cantt, is relatively new to the Patrician network of schools in India. The brothers had long ago, even before St. Mary’s Academy came into existence, dreamed of creating another educational institution with the same tenure and a comparable mission as St. Mary’s Academy in or around Meerut.

9. Delhi Public School,Meerut

Delhi Public School is the eighth best school around Meerut. It is ranked 1407th best school in India and 149th best school in Uttar Pradesh. Delhi Public School is one of the top 10 schools around Meerut. Central Board of Secondary Education has recognized Delhi Public School, and its CBSE board affiliation code is 2130550. This school receives an overall rating of 8 out of 10. The rankings and ratings are based mostly on the results of 144 students who took board tests last year and earned an average of 75.33%.

10. Army Public School

Army Public School Meerut is a co-educational school. This school is famous as APS Meerut. It is one of the top 10 schools in Meerut. The school came into existence on 7 August 1987 to provide opportunities through quality education. APS Meerut is affiliated to CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). Students appear for AISSE (Class X) and AISSCE (Class XII) examinations every year in March.

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